• What to Expect

    Pilates is performed in a variety of positions and different relationships to gravity. We often start on our backs, and move slowly into a seated position, we also work face-down, kneeling, and side-lying, before finishing in a standing position to work on the posture with which you will leave the class. There is always a focus on breathing and working from the core, while relaxing areas that tend to over-work.
  • What to Wear

    We will work barefoot or with socks on, so be prepared for either. Please wear clothes that are comfortable to move in; your clothing should not require adjusting and should not feature zippers or snaps. Please do not wear bulky jewelry. You want to be free from worry about your attire and ready to focus inward. The Pilates loft is NOT a place where brand names or “looks” matter!
  • What to Bring

    The Pilates loft has mats for your use and any equipment you could need. If you have a favorite mat, though, of course you may bring that. You may also bring water with you, though both locations have filtered water for your use. Both locations have changing rooms & the Foundry location has showers.