hi Pilates loft clients & friends!

We are embedding a new booking system into our current website! 
Studio Bookings (this will become a link)  will make signing up for group classes very easy.  The sign-up feature allows for simple multiple class bookings, which is very helpful to me and my staff.

It will allow you to purchase any type of class.
The new system works like a “wallet” from which any type of class can be purchased.  For example, you can purchase 10 Tower classes and if you decide you want to try something new, it will allow you to sign up for a Suspension class or a Reformer class, with your Tower credits.

We will be making this transfer on Wednesday 6/17.
You will receive a welcome e-mail from Studio Bookings.  You may set a password and familiarize yourself with the new system, at your convenience.  Please allow a couple of hours for all your relevant information– account balances and class reservations– to be switched over.

Try the Studio Bookings app.
It’s free!

We have a new policy re: Mat classes!
We are asking that clients now sign up in advance for Mat classes.  This new policy will let teachers know if anyone is planning to attend their class.  The teacher has the option to cancel if only one person is signed up two hours prior to class; that person will be notified that class is canceled.  Drop ins are still welcome, but please consult the site to confirm that class is being held.

We still have a cancellation policy, but now it’s EASY.
The Pilates loft has always had a 24 hour cancellation policy.  Studio Bookings makes it easy to cancel and will automatically credit your account, if your cancellation is within 24 hours.  It will also take up to three names on a waiting list and will notify you if a spot becomes open.

We love you!
And we really appreciate your awesomeness.  Thank you!
If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me: 716.866.8200 or thepilatesloftbuffalo@gmail.com

The Pilates Loft

The Pilates Loft